Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nigger, N-bomb, The N word

Looking over some of my posts from the past few days, and from some of the e-mail and letters I get, I've noticed that I am rather opinionated. Well here is another opinion for you.

 I hate it when people use the N word. By this I actually mean people who say "the N word" rather than "nigger." This does not mean I want people to be walking around saying stupid shit like "Damn nigger cut me off/forgot to put extra pickles on my burger/is wearing those ugly crock shoes." Anyone who speaks like that should be punched in the face. Twice.

 No, what I'm talking about is that if you are quoting someone who said something like the above to someone else, if you say "the N word" I know you mean "nigger" and so does the person you are talking to. Everyone does. If someone called your mother a bitch would you tell people you punched them because they said "the b word"?

 Words have power, no doubt. If you are outraged by something someone said, and want to share what they said to someone else who will be outraged too, why blunt it? If you feel the need to blunt it, then the person you are talking to will not feel the power of the words used.

Nigger... faggot... bitch... words like these have power. They are loaded words. They are dangerous words. People should use them with caution. Coming up with cute little code words that let everyone say them guilt free does not make them go away. It does not strip the hate and violence from them. If you feel you need to use them to communicate a story, then use them. Or maybe you shouldn't be telling the story at all.