Thursday, July 2, 2009

Insurgence Records Sampler

Coming straight out of Toronto, there is a cool little record label that takes a strong stance against racism. Insurgence Records. If you are new to the skinhead scene, or not from Toronto there is a chance that you might not have heard of them. Not a problem, because we here at SHARP Toronto love this label, and want to help you find some cool music from them.

Way back in 2004, some neo-nazi twats decided to target school children with their white power RAC crap, which if you ask us, sounds like barking dogs and bad metal guitars. They were handing out these CD's at high schools in hopes to brainwash and recruit some young kids to become the next wave of brain dead stormtroopers. 100,000 CD samplers were supposed to be sent out all around the United States and Canada. They were calling it 'Project Schoolyard U.S.A.'

Insurgence Records decided to take a stand and do something to counter this. They came up with 'Project Boneyard U.S.A.' A CD sampler of much better quality bands, all who were against racists. They offered this CD sampler for free download from their website, along with artwork. 16 tracks, and every one a winner.

Insurgence Records still offers this free sampler on their website. Here is the track listing.

THE PROWLERS - Through All The Years
STAGE BOTTLES - Real Skinhead
FIGHTING CHANCE - History Repeats
FATE 2 HATE - Iron Fist
THE PROWLERS - We Come Out First
THE OPPRESSED - Sleeping With the Enemy
STAGE BOTTLES - Dead But Not Forgiven
FATE 2 HATE - Fight For Justice
HELL TO PAY - Zero Tolerance
FIGHTING CHANCE - Coward's Pride
THE CLASS ASSASSINS - No Justice, No Peace
FINAL FOUR - Us Against Them
THE OPPRESSED - Work Together
FATE 2 HATE - Prove (unreleased)

Now after looking at who is on this sampler, I'm sure you are asking yourself where you can get it... well just click here and it will take you straight to Insurgence's webpage and the download link. Download it, have a listen, and enjoy. And if you really like it feel free to buy a CD, scarf pin or patch from Insurgence. They are cool people after all.

Cheers to Insurgence Records, for actually standing up and making a difference!

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