Monday, September 21, 2009

Demonstration For Equality. Good times

Just a quick little post to let people know how the Demonstration for Equality went.

It was a small turn out, but the few who did come were very cool. A mix of skinhead, punk and hip-hop cultures all against racism. New friends were made, ideas and info exchanged, and a few people learned some truths about the skinhead subculture.

Local boneheads had been making threats against the organizers and random people who planned to attend the Demonstration for Equality on both Facebook and Craigslist, and well as sending some people private messages. But only 3 showed up at the demonstration to protest it and cause problems. That is if you count yelling out "Oi!" from across the street and up a flight of stairs, showing a white power flag and then running away as fast as they could causing a problem. Typical boneheads... tiny brains and tinier spines.

Cheers to the people of Toronto who went to this event and stood up for equality!

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