Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rivetheads Against Nazi Thugs (RANT)

The following text was taken from the RANT Facebook page.

RANT is a new political movement inspired by the SHARP movement. The SHARP movement was started when a group of neo-nazi's were infiltrating the punk/oi scene with fascist politics. The SHARP's decided they weren't going to tolerate these white power bands having control of their subculture. They decided to create social change by any means necessary.

Since the SHARP's finally stomped the neo-nazi's out of the punk/oi movement they turned to goth/industrial/powernoise. We do not need to tolerate this. We are sick of seeing these douchebags at the shows we attend. We are sick of their hateful attacks against people who aren't a part of "their brotherhood" and their misuse of ancient symbols. Their thug mentality is not what industrial is about. This is not the mafia. This is music.

The neofolk bands with fascists beliefs have already been exposed and pushed underground. It is now the dark electro/powernoise bands with fascist politics that are causing problems within our scene. It is time to stomp these idiots out of once and for all.

RANT was founded by Rachel Haywire (Experiment Haywire | machineKUNT Records) in November of 2009 after she was violently attacked at a show and received threats against her life as a musician of Jewish ancestry. She has been slandered, harassed, and gangstalked for the purpose of keeping her silent but continues to speak out in the name of justice.


-To promote a more tolerant subculture
-To put an end to racist/fascist/homophobic attacks against people in our scene
-To stop white power artists from dominating the genre
-To make this about the music once again

RANT is also looking to put out a musical compilation. Songs will be open for submission on January 1st. The songs do not have to be anti-nazi in nature but it definitely helps.


Caitlin Interruption said...

Will definitely pass along this info on the West Coast, been seeing some shady shit at shows around here lately.

TorontoSHARP said...

Thanks you C.I.

Remember, a scene is only as good as the people in it ;)

Anonymous said...

When music sucks so much, it attracts losers of all stripes. No rational human likes any of this music. Only marginalized rejects can fix their brains to use the noise as a soothing drug. They like the feeling of belonging that comes with being a part of something that accepts rejects. There's conformists and those who conform to non-conformity. Losers can only be saved by learning the meaning of true non-conformity. Your "scene" is no better than the fat-assed suburbanite driving to work for the man in his Ford listening to Dave Matthews and believing he is different, special--cool somehow. Nope, just another spec of dust. The truth will set you free. find yourself. Get off the freak show scene.