Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Supporting Cheri DiNovo In Removing All Aspects of BSL In Ontario

Here is an issue that will be near and dear to a lot of skinhead's hearts... BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) aka pit bull bans.

In Ontario pit bull "type" dogs are banned. Some (like mine) are grandfathered, but new bully breeds (pit bull and pit bull type breeds are targeted... what exactly is a "pit bull type breed"? Boxer? Mastiff? Bulldog?) are not allowed in the province.

Anyone who has ever had a dog and has half a brain knows that ANY dog can be a dangerous dog depending on how it is raised. Banning a breed will eventually stop that breed from biting after all of the breed die out in the banned area. However the idiot owners will just get another type of dog, and them being idiot owners will raise that new dog to be a danger. So do we start banning Bull Terriers in 10 years? German Shepards in 20 years? Or do we come up with a law that targets bad owners, and not entire breeds?

Cheri DiNovo MPP for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto (NDP) has a bill before the House fighting to rid the breed specific portion in Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA)If you happen to agree with the slogan "Ban the deed not the breed" then please help support Cheri's by visiting www.supporthersheybill.com or the Facebook page for this bill.

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