Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Prowlers take Toronto!

Friday April 27th Montreal's best band, The Prowlers will be back in Toronto playing a show at Parts And Labour (1556 Queen St. West).

Birds Of Prey and more TBA opening for them!

$10.50 Advance tickets at Ticketweb, Rotate This, Soundscapes.


Anonymous said...

The prowlers are fence walkers.

Anonymous said...

Proof? Nice you decide to be anonymous....

Love, Not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

fence walkers..bullshit.

Q: "You have the image of beeing a political band, do you also consider yourselves to be a political band? :

A: We are political in a sense that we are an anti racist band. Our lyrics don't talk about politics for the moment but it is clear on what side of the fence we stand. We are not a communist or a redskin band but that doesn't allow us to play gigs with right wing band, this will never happend. It seems that these days every band that claim to be non political end up doing gigs with right wing band, I personally dont think you can claim to be non political when you do such actions."