Saturday, October 13, 2012

What do neo-nazis put on their luftwaffles? Golden Dawn!

So some people over the past little while have been asking me who Golden Dawn are, and what does fascism have to do with Canadian butter products (see last post)?

As far as the butter goes, nothing at all. I was just making fun of their name. I do that sometimes.

Golden Dawn is an extreme right-wing party operating out of Greece.

Their flag (known as the Meandros Flag) is coloured and based on the National Socialist flag in both colour and design.

Golden Dawn was formed in 1985 by a man named Nikolaos Michaloliakos (dishonourably discharged from the Greek reserves) and some of his friends/supporters after he broke away from the National Political Union (aka the EPEN, another far right Greek political party). Golden Dawn was officially recognized as a political party in 1993.

Golden Dawn has street gangs that have been known for their bloody attacks on immigrants in Greece. Golden Dawn carry out immigration checks, stopping people and making sure they are Greek Nationals.

What has this got to do with Canada you ask? Well to be honest almost nothing... Except that Golden Dawn operates here too.

 Montreal Quebec has seen Golden Dawn become increasingly active with "charity" fundraising events. In an alarming number of Canadian (American as well) cities with a higher Greek population you can find people trying to organize Golden Dawn chapters.

There is a petition out of Montreal against Golden dawn that you can sign HERE

The Americans just had a public meeting about them.

Golden Dawn is bad news.

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