Sunday, April 14, 2013

So there was a surprise neo nazi march in London Ontario yesterday.

Despite what Paul Fromm would have everyone believe there were not 50 people marching. At most there MIGHT have been 20, including Paul.

There are many photos of this march on the Internet. I suggest you head over to our good friends at the ARC Blog to take a look at them. When you do look at them, ask yourself exactly how much pride does a group of racists actually have to go on an unannounced march, on a weekend, in masks to a government building that is closed at an hour when most people are at home getting ready to eat?

One photo in particular caught my attention.

This photo. More importantly this kid in it. How does that one song go? "One of these things is not like the others...."

This kid stood out to me. Let's be perfectly honest here... This kid looks like he was picked on a lot. He doesn't look like the sort of kid that makes friends easily. He looks like someone without that many friends. Odds are this group of nazi idiots befriended him, offering him their version of friendship and a sense of belonging.

Peer pressure is a powerful thing. If all of your new buddies start talking about how this is "pride not hate" and filling your head with nonsense it is pretty easy to want to fit in and agree. Some things might make sense to you. Some you might come to believe.

Odds are he is a nice kid. Friendly if more than a little socially awkward. Now he feels safe. He feels some self worth. 

This photograph will comeback to haunt him in the future when it hits him how much energy it takes to hate. He will see the hypocrisy of some of his "brothers" (seriously, have you ever seen the likes on some of their Facebook pages? Asian and Latina girls. Go check it it sometime). He will see the countless infighting, and the squalor that some of these supposedly proud people live in. He will have to make a hard choice. Leave his "brothers" and start fresh, and alone, feeling like there is a target on his back, or waste away everything he could be.

I am not trying to make excuses for this kid. Maybe I am wrong. Somehow though with that jacket, those pants and that goofy grin I don't think I am though. Anything he does while he is hanging out with these goons will be on his head.

People talk about the hate nazis have for others. Of the intimidations, vandalism, assaults, and even murders that white power followers will inflict on other races. Sometimes we forget about the damage they cause their own supposed race too. Poisoning minds and robbing futures of struggling youth.

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